Virtual House Generator

Virtual House Generator was my third year project completed as part of my Computer Science degree when at Lancaster University.

Interactive Virtual House Generation concerns the production of a 3-Dimensional house in the VRML format. The result of the project provides an interface through which the user can design and produce a fully featured VRML house, without having to know anything about the VRML language itself. The motivation behind the system is to allow the user to supply as much or as little input as they desire. A lot of input from the user will allow them to control every aspect of the building, whereas very little input will allow the system to automatically design most of the elements of the building.

Here are some screenshots of the system in action:

The User Interface.

Produced VRML file.

I have now added my full, 10,000 word project report for you to read. It is in the PDF format, and so requires Adobe Acrobat to read:

Also I have uploaded the program itself, so you can try it out. As the program is written in 100% Pure Java™ You’ll need to download and install the newest version of Sun’s Java Runtime Environment. If you don’t already have it, this is available here. Download the ‘Interactive Virtual House Generator’ here

In order to be able to view VRML files in your browser, you will require a VRML browser plug-in. I recommend the excellent Cosmoplayer, available here

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and to read this page, I hope you find time to download and have a play with the Interactive Virtual House Generator. If you do, please send me a mail!

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