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History of the Felton Surname

The English surname Felton is toponymic in origin, belonging to that group of surnames derived from the place where a man once lived or where he once held land. In this case the surname can be traced back to the Old English “fell tun” meaning “fell farm”, in other words a farm in open countryside, and the original bearer would have been one who dwelt “at the fell farm”. The name Felton is also borne by several villages throughout England, any one of which may also have given rise to the surname; the principal sources of the name are Northumberland, Shropshire Herefordshire and Somerset although the seat of the Barons Felton, an old established noble family, is in Norfolk.

In 1208 we know of one Adam de Felton of Norfolk who appears in the King’s Pleas. In 1297 Robert de Felton obtained a Royal Charter for a weekly market at his manor of Luchin in Norfolk and was a prominent member of Edward 1’s army. In 1313 he was summoned to Parliament as Baron and was succeeded by his son John in the following year. He was the ancestor of the Baroness Felton of Suffolk (now extinct).

One William de Felton, who apparently bore no relation to the Norfolk family, was the Governor of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, contemporary with the aforementioned John, and he distinguished himself in the wars against Scotland and France. He too attended Parliament and as a Baron died in battle in Spain in 1367.

The surname entered America in the year 1774 when one Thomas Felton. “husbandman” of Middlesex, sailed to Virginia on the “Active” in November of that year at the age of twenty-two.

Felton Coat of Arms:

Felton Coat of Arms

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8 Responses to “David Felton”

  1. Lori Felton says:

    I live in PA but my father (Spencer Felton) was born in Kentucy. I don’t meet too many Feltons so I had to say hi!

  2. David Felton says:

    Thanks for taking the time to say Hi Lori! I have been contacted by several Feltons via this page, and I’m planning on putting together a map showing where each of them is located 🙂

  3. Sue Quick says:


    My mothers maiden name was Felton and of course is still carried by some male members of the family.

    My mother married a Peter Quick and of course her name changed to Quick. Two old English anglo saxons names so i am let to believe.

    I am waiting to discover more about both surnames.


  4. Robin Felton says:

    Hi David,

    Our family is from Pennsylvania. My father, Robert A. Felton, born in Johnstown, was an only child. We do not much about his family and would love to know more.

  5. davide feltoni says:

    Hi David, i’m Davide Feltoni from Italy!
    I don’t know if one of my ancestor had Felton surname and changed it in Feltoni(that’s the italian version) but it’s possible… or maybe it’s the opposite! maybe a Feltoni emigrated in USA many time ago e started Felton surname in Usa!! In Italy too there are few Feltoni so we don’t know nearly nothing about our family!! BYEEEE!! 😀

  6. David John Felton (son of John) was my best friend when I lived in Moxham, Johnstown, Pa. He lived on Russell Avenue, a few blocks uphill from where I lived.

  7. David Felton says:

    Thanks for the comment Dennis. There’s a possibility I’m related to John and your friend David, as there was a John Felton in my family who emigrated to the US. If you could find out from your friend if his father is originally from North Wales I would be very interested!


  8. Dear David,
    I think some US sites need to know more about the Felton`s and their activities in the small Norfolk,Uk, village.Both Feltons are know here.
    The Le Strange families (their were 2) failed to have male heirs and it was a a female le Strange who continued the line,and thus begun many of those people who believe they are related.Of course the Felton`s in this area also faded according to Dr Puddy and other Feltons who are quoted on many websites dont have any claim to these earlier Feltons.
    The cut off date is around 1410-20.After that the Great Yarmouth tribe
    seem to be very quotable among thosen in the US wh seem to want to believe they are all connected.Puddy never mentions any of these.
    I am the Chairman of Litcham Historical Society and if any copies of this book by a proper research historian then please contact me. David S

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