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How to change browser language in Firefox 4

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

One method is to uninstall Firefox then download and install another version in a different language. This can be incredibly time consuming though. An alternative is to download a language pack and then change the internal locale string of the browser:

1) Download language pack from here. This page has language packs for most languages. After installing a language pack you will need to restart your browser

2) Change locale string. Navigate to about:config in your address bar. After accepting the ‘here be dragons’ warning set the filter to ‘general.useragent.locale‘, right mouse click on the value and choose modify. Change the language string to the preferred value, for example ‘en-GB’ for British English or ‘fr-FR’ for French.

After a browser restart your Firefox should be in the preferred language.

Windows 7 doesn’t remember network share credentials

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

When connecting to a network share Windows 7 presents a dialog box as follows

You’d expect that ticking the box that says ‘remember credentials’ would cause windows to, um, remember the credentials? Unfortunately this is not the case, at least it hasn’t been for me when I want to copy media files onto my HTPC.

To fix this, navigate to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage your credentials, where under ‘Windows Credentials’ you will see a list of machines you’ve connected to in the past. Expand the entry of the machine your interested in and you will see an entry for ‘Persistence level’. If this is set to ‘Login Session’, as shown in the screenshot below, this is the reason why Windows is not remembering your credentials as you’d expect.

Remove the entry and manually add a new one with the same details. When an entry is added manually the Persistence level should be automatically be set to Enterprise. After a reboot you should be able to connect to the share without having to enter credentials every time.