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Nexus One is here!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Ever since they’ve been launched I’ve been refusing to get an iPhone. I have to admit that they’re great, but they’re just too ubiquitous and I would feel like a sheep if I jumped on board :-). I was very excited when Google announced the Android-powered G1 back in September 2008, and was sure that an Android phone would be a great alternative.

I’ve been waiting ince then for a decent Android phone to come out withย  a hardware keyboard (something like the HTC Touch Pro 2?), but on Friday I finally got tired of waiting and ordered the recently released Nexus One from the page.

Unbelievably the phone arrived first thing on Monday morning after being dispatched from Indianapolis. I was very, very impressed. Props to Google and DHL for getting it to me so quickly.

After two days playing with the phone I am very impressed. The 3.7″ OMOLED screen is very clear and bright, and the 1GHz snapdragon CPU makes it very snappy. More technical specs are available here.

There’s a bit of a division in my office between the designers, who generally favour the iPhone, and the developers, several of whom have Android phones. Until now I’ve been fighting the Android side despite not owning one, so I’m pleased that I’m now practising what I preach.

Here are some pictures of the phone when it arrives. Apologies for the quality they were taken with my old phone ๐Ÿ™‚